ProSource Gym Rings

20190403_135024I love playing around with gym gear. I feel like my yoga practice is very strict and dedicated and when I can goof around with gymnastics it feels like I’m using my skills but also just doing it for fun.

I started yoga to heal and I guess somewhere along the line it became work for me. If I grab some gym gear and let loose it reminds me to smile when I practice yoga too. I grew up intrigued my gymnastics and strength training but also lacked the ability to advance due to my health restraints.

I’m stronger and more flexible than I ever have been before and while I love watching my kids play all sports, I particularly love watching them flourish in Gymnastics and Karate!

My son adores ProSourceFit and their gymnastics gear, but mostly their wooden rings and chalk.

I love the rings because they’re smooth and safe, lightweight so I can move them back forth between my hookups indoor and my sons jungle gym outdoors. The straps make it so easy to adjust the length between my kids and I and wherever we decide to throw them up.

They’re an awesome price if you’re looking for some good gear to practice at home! Check them out on ProSourceFit here:

Here is a complete workout on gym rings to get built and have fun doing it!

Essential Kundalini Book Review

Essential Kundalini Yoga: An Invitation to Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Energetic Potential Paperback – February 1, 2017

by Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa


From Amazon: “For new and experienced students, practical guidance in kundalini yoga for happiness, health, and fulfillment

Kundalini is a universal life force within each of us that, once awakened, holds the power to transform every facet of our lives. Kundalini yoga is the art and practice of activating this radiant energy. With Essential Kundalini Yoga, Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa present the core principles and practices of this revered tradition in an inviting and accessible guide.

Kundalini yoga opens joyous space for connecting deeply with the energy states of our being,” write Karena and Dharm, “It brings vital health to the body and opens our consciousness to new potentials of awareness.”

Created for the modern practitioner, this book offers clear, comprehensive instruction in the key insights and practices of kundalini yoga. From philosophy and lifestyle, to working with anatomy and physical asana, to activating our energy bodies, Essential Kundalini Yoga is a uniquely practical and in-depth manual. Highlights include:

Gorgeous photos illuminating step-by-step instructions

Detailed instructions, explanations, and illustrations for core kundalini practices—mantra, pranayama, bhanda, asana, kriya, meditation, and more

Seven traditional kundalini yoga routines, including a pituitary gland series for intuition, yoga for the immune system, and detoxing for radiance

Understand the science of the practice, including its effects on the glandular system, spine, nervous system, and skeleton

Meditations, mantras, and yoga poses to activate each of the chakras and bring health to your energetic body

Remedies for common emotional challenges—dealing with fear, shame, and depression, among others

Kundalini secrets for getting better sleep, aging gracefully, enhancing fertility, cultivating vitality, and more

Rooted in tradition and infused with a sense of infinite possibility, Essential Kundalini Yoga is a joyful invitation for practitioners of all levels to awaken the vital energy within and receive the gifts that emerge from connecting more deeply with your own potential for creativity, abundance, and joy.”

To the point: Calming, gentle and genius

Review: I’ve been practicing yoga to manage my health for about a year now. I battle several autoimmune diseases and an endless number of symptoms. I’ve enjoyed Strala and Restorative yoga with great positive health effects.

Essential Kundalini Yoga has opened my life to an awakening yoga. Filled with a calm energy, a euphoric enlightenment, this book is completely different from anything I’ve learned about yoga.

It’s not all about learning what Kundalini, there are actual practices within this book. I love the pose descriptions, they are written spectacularly. The explanations are concise and fool-proof. They also have photos to demonstrate a position. Every time I read pose instructions I hear a soft calm voice teaching me yoga, this is how I imagine the authors teach in person and it reads perfectly.

The amount of positivity in this book is outstanding! A book like this could create world peace.#VirginiaandKhalsaforPresidents 😉

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about yoga, anyone already doing yoga and everything in between. A full  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for this one.

Get it here > Kundalini

Essential Kundalini Yoga: An Invitation to Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Energetic Potential Paperback – February 1, 2017, by Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa. Paperback: 352 pages. Publisher: Sounds True. I received this copy for free and offered my own personal review.

The 4 x 4 Diet: 4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Workouts, Four Weeks to the Body You Want by Erin Opera

The 4 x 4 Diet: 4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Workouts, Four Weeks to the Body You Want by Erin Opera

Really excited about this one, there are illustrations for the exercises and everything from food to lifestyle is explained in a way anyone could understand. This is really made for anyone though it’s grated toward women, I think anyone with a busy lifestyle will benefit from this.

Here’s the thing, 4 exercises aren’t going to make you a body builder but the point is to get moving with the most efficient moves to get the most out of in the shortest amount of time. We’re all busy. That’s our biggest excuse right? I don’t have time to exercise. 4 minutes? Come on, that’s nothing. You can’t make an excuse for that.

Get it here! 4 x 4 Diet

The 4 x 4 Diet: 4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Workouts, Four Weeks to the Body You Want by Erin Opera. Hardcover: 256 pages. Publisher: Harmony (February 2, 2016). I received this copy in exchange for an honest review for Blogging for Books.