Reviewing Standards

I am currently accepting books for review! I review books with an honest opinion in a professional and timely manner. I post reviews on multiple social networking platform. The platforms include, but is not limited to:

My blog (,

Goodreads (amandanicolebooks),

Instagram (saveserenityyoga),

Google + ( and

Amazon (SaveSerenity)

I also link reviews to Facebook (Save Serenity Blog) and Twitter (anb_blog) and I link the photos in my posts to the book on Amazon.

I enjoy the following genres:

Health: Healthy Cookbooks/Recipes, Yoga/Pilate’s/Fitness, Autoimmune Health/Diseases, Well-being, Nutrition, Exercise, Parenting/Family, Relationships/Marriage, Alternative Medicine/Holistic, Essential Oils/Healthy Products, Psychological/Behavioral/Self-help, Nature, Reiki, Crystals

My reviews follow a general outline that is detailed below:

A photo taken of the book, the title, author (link to the author’s website when possible), publisher, publication date, pages, genre, source, brief summary without any spoilers of the main idea or theme of the book, personal review and rating.

The personal review explains what I enjoyed about the book and what I did not. I state my favorite parts and explain why I had such positive feelings for those parts. I also mention my least favorite parts and why I disliked them. I go into detail about the emotions the book provoked and my thoughts on the book as a whole.

My rating may include a score from 0 to 5 with 0 being no score, 1 being the least positive score and 5 being the most positive score. An explanation of the given score is detailed with a recommendation to which target audiences would appreciate the book the most and those that might enjoy the book the least.

I rate books on a scale of 0 to 5 stars. With 0 being no score, 1 being the lowest negative score and 5 being the highest positive score. On occasion I might use .5 (and even less common, .25 or .75) if I feel a book falls in between two rating scores. An example of the rating is as follows:

0 – I could not finish the book for various reasons and therefore do not give it a score or recommendation status.

1 – I could not finish the book because I disliked it. Various reason. I do not recommend it.

2 – I finished the book but disliked it with little to no positive opinions about it. I do not recommend it.

3 – I finished the book and had mixed reviews. There were negatives and positives about the book that weigh on my opinion. My recommendation status would depend on each independent review and if the book had more positive aspects than negative.

4 – I finished the book and enjoyed it. I have many positive opinions about the book but still express some minute flaws. I recommend the book to a certain target group of people and have kept it in my library as a favorite.

5 – I finished the book and loved it. I have an overwhelming amount of positive opinions about the book and express very little to no flaws. I recommend most people to read this book despite genre groups and target audiences.

My reviews vary in length but have a minimum of 300 words.

These are my personal standards and are all my own words. Please do not copy my work without proper permission and credit! Thank you!

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