It’s never too early to think of the holidays

If you’re like me you’ve been mentally planning the holiday season since August. Stockpiling gift ideas and craft ideas for handmade sentiment. It wasn’t until this year that I noticed the trend in hobbies so similar to mine. The more I talk to people in various communities I enjoy I realize most of us enjoy the same hobbies!

For this year I’ll give my favorite ideas for various personalities.. the health freak, yogi, nature lover, reader, artist, and rare plant collector! I’ll give DIY gift ideas as well as different price ranges.

Make sure you subscribe for emails as I’ll be sharing each hobby in a separate post and will finish them out with MASSIVE giveaways on Instagram on both my yoga account and plant account!

What are you wishes for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “It’s never too early to think of the holidays

  1. I love so many things and actually have some things I’d love to receive. I have loved art for as long as I can remember so a pack of canvases and some beautiful oil paints always make me happy. I would love to get a new Hydro flask and one of those para cord handles to carry it with. Always enjoy getting massages or any type of spa treatment, Because those force me to spend time on me with no interruptions. And as a mom, that is few and far between. Gift cards to local nurseries are always a well received gift. This way I can window shop until a certain plant or pot or garden decoration speaks to me. And then I have a constant reminder of the beautiful person that gave me the gift card in my house.

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