Buyer Beware: Florida Hill Nursery

I have been going through a long dispute with my credit card company because of Florida Hill Nursery. If I have one piece of advice you remember, it’s to stay far away from Florida Hill Nursery and purchase from any of the lovely shops I’ve featured before.

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Their practices are despicable. They have absolutely no customer service. This is not an exaggeration, it literally does not exist. After sending them 3 separate emails and forwarding those to another email I found for them, messaging them on their Ebay account, leaving a voicemail on their telephone number, reaching out on their Facebook, I was left no choice but to dispute the charge on my credit card company. I did this, explaining that my order says complete and I received nothing. My CC refunded me the amount temporarily as they reviewed the case.

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After 9 attempts and almost two months, they never responded to me.

They reached out to Florida Hill Nursery and a week later I received a destroyed box with FIVE plants in it. Already wrong, considering I ordered six. Two of the plants I did receive died in 24 hours. Another two were mislabeled and not the plants I ordered. As for the last one, it is a pink syngonium and to make sure it is actually of the “strawberry” variety it would have to go for testing to differentiate it from all the other pink syngonium.

When I decided to go to the BBB I found out the worst. They are rated an F. This happens often enough and with all the same results. Most people do not get what they ordered and do not get a refund. It’s a scam.


So I had to jump through more hoops to prove this company is charging people and not sending items unless threatened by a credit card company, and even then sending dead and incorrect plants fraudulently labeling them as those you ordered.

What did I do to prove my theory? I had a relative order a plant. I chose the alocasia “frydek” because it was another one of their “too good to be true” plant choices. About two weeks later he received this plant and shockingly, it is NOT an alocasia “frydek”.

There is always a risk when purchasing plants online. With Florida Hill Nursery there is almost a guarantee you will either not get your order, only get part of your order and/or get the wrong plants.

Eventually, my CC company took the money back out and I had to further dispute my case. Two months later, I send more proof and my CC company calls me and tells me that the best they can do is give me 50% back. I settle just to be done with Florida Hill Nursery and move on. I hope with this article, people can be aware of their practices before purchasing anything.

To check out some shops I love, you can see my posts on The Houseplant Shop, Coastal Tropicals, Petalsome Presents, (And one more).

Happy hunting!!

Coastal Tropicals made me an aroid addict

Screenshot_20181215-153042_InstagramAs I fall deeper into the rabbit hole of indoor gardening, I’ve become seriously addicted to syngonium, philodendron, pothos, arrowheads and anything aroid!


Coastal Tropicals has come up front in the aroid collection, with syngonium ranging from “white butterfly” to “confetti”, caladium, alocasia, philodendron and so much more!


I received a white butterfly syngonium, confetti syngonium, regina red syngonium, mini allusion syngonium, deja vu philodendron, red bellied tree frog caladium, and orange prince philodendron.


If you check out my last post on Coastal Tropicals you’ll see the Banana Tree, Passiflora vine, succulent mix, and venus fly trap I got for the beautiful summer weather!


The thing about Coastal Tropicals is how much consideration she puts into every order. They are wrapped perfectly so that not one single leaf was damaged in my entire order! You can watch the unboxing video on my IGTV. She sells a lot of starter plants which makes those dreamy wish list plants affordable. I keep update photos on my plants on IG and you can also see them by checking out @coastaltropicalsandmore and clicking on photos they are tagged in!


It’s the best shop to grab everything you want. They have such a huge assortment of plants that you’ll find everything from airplants to arrowheads! All the while getting much more for your plant budget (avoiding that dreaded self-imposed plant ban, am I right?). I can’t wait until the weather warms where I live and I can swarm her site and purchase everything that grows! Coastal Tropicals plants all came healthy, happy and beautiful. Each and every single plant is always exactly what I was looking for, and not to play favorites here, my confetti syngonium was impossible to find anywhere else.. her prices are impossible to beat! Check them out, grab what you can if weather permits or make your list for spring, you know I’ve already compiled pages upon pages.