The shop that started my plant addiction

Awhile back I did a review on The Houseplant Shop and after all this time, I’m officially addicted to indoor gardening! I went back and purchased plants throughout the year from them and reunited for another collaboration.

This time I received two unique plants that are sure to be showstoppers next spring!

The Goldfish Plant and a Silver Satin Pothos.

Goldfish plants (Columnea gloriosa) come to us from the Central and South American tropics and derive their common name from the unusual shape of their flowers, which with some imagination, resemble fish. Under ideal conditions, the goldfish hanging plant blooms prolifically in a variety of reds, oranges and yellows. The leaves are generally 2 to 3 inches long, thick, waxy and dark green, although there are a few varieties with hairy leaves. The stems are vining and can reach 3 feet long.

(Read more at Gardening Know How: Goldfish Hanging Plant – How To Grow Goldfish Houseplant (


Satin Pothos is just as easy to grow as its relative, golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum). Keep it warm and take care not to overwater this house plant. Cold drafts and soggy soil are two things it won’t tolerate.

You’ll see the best leaf color and variegation by keeping this pothos plant in bright, indirect light. You’ll also keep this plant healthy by boosting the humidity around it. In fact, its variegated foliage makes this plant a beautiful addition to a terrarium.

This striking tropical plant is fairly new to house plant nurseries, and is garnering a lot of attention.


My previous plants have exploded with growth this summer! I started propagating my Jade Peperomia because it had become so tall and lanky.


My Golden Dust Croton will definitely be getting a pot upgrade this spring! It is so lush and bushy! This is by far one of the easiest plants I have ever cared for. It was ALWAYS thirst during summer so impossible to over water and naturally as the air started to cool and I slowed down to weekly water it was still happy. By winter I think I’ll need to spread it out more but it’s a plant that tells you exactly when it’s thirsty by drooping dramatically!


Lastly, my Calathea, that started my obsession with Calatheas, is popping out new leaves despite my watering mishaps with it. All are very forgiving plants and helped me learn a lot about indoor gardening!


I’ve also ordered endless air plants, syngonium and various pothos. They have such a large variety of plants you can keep in the home.


The most important reason I’m so in love with House Plant Shop is because of the quality. I have never received a plant with bugs, they always come exactly as described, and the customer service is unbeatable. They usually have the “most wanted” plants of the season, at great prices.

When you disappear

I recently struggle more and more with the state of our country. Everytime I hear the school alarms go off, I fear the worst. Everytime I turn on my phone, I see the worst. Raising a female, I battle what sometimes seems like the inevitable in this country, that she will be abused because of her gender. I question how to raise my son to be an empathetic, giving, kind, compassionate person.

Sometimes it seems like my hobbies are so insignificant with all the pain and suffering in the world, most especially so close to home.

I lose my love of writing. I forget to share all the things that heal me in battling 8 autoimmune disorders. I forget sharing what has healed me from the trauma, abuse, loss and oppression I have experienced. Sometimes I forget to battle the anxiety and depression that used to just be a part of my complicated health issues and traumatic experiences.

But that is why now is more of a time to share my path to healing from the inside all the way to my soul outside of me.

I spend a lot of time trying to spread awareness. One of the biggest battles this country faces is hatred. I try to spread awareness of important social issues that need to change, like the rampant racism, ethnocentrism, misogyny, disregard for our environment and animals, sexism (which is a separate issue from misogyny), violence and dehumanization of nearly any group of people that isn’t “white”.

With that awareness and constant education brings this feeling that maybe this is hopeless, maybe this country is getting worse and more violent. The headlines of everyday news can easily cause despair.

So I think it is important to have something that is carefree and positive. I practice short yoga flows, yoga nidra, some form of art, and indoor gardening. These outlets aren’t “life-or-death” terrifying, they focus on my breath and growth and give me space the clear the inward pain, release the fear and come back fresh.

It’s important to release so you build your energy back up and don’t become mentally or physically ill from all the despair, violence and fear.

With that, I begin again.

Later I will post a new article on indoor gardening and online nurseries! I have found some beautiful sellers who never disappoint and I can be rather picky when spending money on plants!

Find something good each day, to give a little attention to and fill yourself up with good so you can serve the country positively and work for change.

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