The Yogi Assignment

The Yogi Assignment: A 30-Day Program for Bringing Yoga Practice and Wisdom to Your Everyday Life Paperback – September 26, 2017


To the point: Perfect to guide you into a yoga lifestyle.
Review: I am so impressed with how much a book can help change your life. The Yogi Assignment is the perfect tool to keep you on track everyday. It is often hard to know how to create a good habit and most people don’t know where to start. There is no guessing with this workbook. It will give you a meditation and objective for the day so you have a focus point and an end goal. This makes the transition effortless!
I love the practice section for each day as well. The pose list gives a detailed description of how to gret into each posture and they are all poses following a theme for the day. The photos are stunning of course!
The homework is probably the best part. It really gets to the core of our being and creating happiness from the inside out. Tasks include, stop people pleasing or release control with a guide on how to practice that.
If you ever thought out yoga teacher training or making your yoga practice more fulfilling, this is the book for you. Change your practice from exercise to lifestyle with Kino MacGregor! It’s like a retreat with her without quitting your job or leaving your family behind! Retreats are great but not realistic for most of us and Kino has made some of that experience more accessible to all of us.
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from Amazon: “An inspirational 30-day yoga and lifestyle program that will challenge your mind, body, and spirit–by one of the most dynamic and high-profile contemporary Ashtanga yoga teachers, Kino MacGregor.

“The brave heart of a yogi is defined by actions that make the world a better place.”

Live with authenticity, practice patience, let go of negativity—these are some of the core tenets of a yoga lifestyle, on and off the mat. Yoga is about much more than twisting yourself into shapes—the heart of this ancient practice is an inner journey, one of reflection, spiritual awakening, and ultimately a calm, clear mind. The Yogi Assignment is a 30-day introduction to these life-affirming and simple, yet revolutionary, principles. Led by master teacher Kino MacGregor, this journey will challenge and uplift your body, mind, and spirit. Each day offers a practice and meditation that will help you confront your emotional, physical, and mental limitations and inspire real change in your life. MacGregor is a fierce, loving guide who encourages you to look deeply within to find your wellspring of inner strength and courage.”