the YOGA HEALER the best book for improving your daily life

I started yoga to improve my health since I suffer from several autoimmune disease. I started a journey to improve my quality of life and relieve symptoms that medication had to no effect on. Within 1 year of daily practice I moved from 30 seconds of yoga a day (you read that right) to 30 minutes/an hour a day. I went from sleeping 20 hours a day (again you read that right) to about 9 hours a day. I went from severe arthritis and nodules in my joints to a new vitality and life in my spine and less pain in my small joints.

I am proof that yoga heals.

When I saw Yoga Healer by Christine Burke I knew I had to read it. This book was calling me!


The Yoga Healer has remedies for the body, mind and spirit and follows with complete mini sequences. You can find ways to help all sorts of back pain, fix that inability to focus, and open your heart to receive and give love freely. I adore the mini sequences throughout the day because there is never NOT a time for more yoga.


The book is clear and concise. Poses are described in plain language, making them foolproof. They’re also assisted with photos to guide you visually into a pose or practice.

The practices are for everyone. This book is written for the¬†average person who wants to feel better (not just for the yogi professional who can turn into a pretzel). It’s almost effortless to go through the practices to heal something. The book comes off as calm and relaxing.


This Yoga Healer is a great start to a healthier, happier life. Before you know it, it’s a lifestyle and this book is your go to for any ailment.


Pick the book up, you’ll be impressed. It’s easily organized for perfect use but I recommend going through the whole book. Get it on Amazon!

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