The Small Meditation cushion you’ll bring everywhere

I adore my mediation cushions but have two problems, they’re often not wide enough to be perfectly comfortable and they’re inevitably heavy.


I haven’t even bothered bringing one in the yard to enjoy the nature sounds during a mini meditation. Imagine grabbing my six pound meditation pillow, waters for me and the kids, their snacks, toys they just have to bring out there and the dog on her leash. No thanks.


Then I found something DIFFERENT. It’s unlike anything I have seen. It’s Zafuko and it translates to little meditation cushion. The shape is comfortable, it’s ridiculously¬†lightweight and somehow sturdy enough to hold my body up. The patterns are beautiful and it easily fits in a bag without adding extra weight.


Zafuko is super comfortable, it promotes a neutral spine and the best part is that it’s eco friendly. The filling is Kapok which comes from trees in Thailand! It’s 100% natural and biodegradable and super sturdy.


I used it as a meditation pillow, a bolster and a yoga block. It works amazingly in all aspects!


As you can see, the size is perfect for everything! And my Zafuko is lighter than any pillow I own. You can easily travel with it and use it in a million ways.


You can check it out on their website at (or click any photo above). It’s probably a great idea for the studio since it’s easy to bring everywhere!

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