A Yoga Bolster opened my eyes to restorative yoga

After a year of practicing yoga I decided to try something new. I’ve always done yoga with pushing myself, pushing my limits and rarely going near savasana. Daily yoga for me is to work hard, shake, push, breathe and struggle your body into change. And I have changed.. a lot! I may weigh more but I have more muscle and I am physically stronger than ever. But I never reach bliss, calm, content or that “yogi face lift”.


I decided it’s time to expand my practice to include relaxation and rest. But with all the props that I have (and have multiples of) the one thing I never collected was bolsters!


So I went on the search, bolsters are a little harder to find than the common meditation pillow. I checked Etsy and fell in love with a shop called The Yogi Dogi. Tracey makes dog collars, yoga mat bags, dog bandanas, yoga mat straps and more! Of course you can always message her about her items or any item you’re looking for.


The Bolster I received is gorgeous. We use it as a decorative pillow for our couch because it’s so beautiful! I just grab it off the couch for practice and sometimes bring it to bed at night to snuggle! It’s absolutely perfect for everything.


I adore all the details, including the handle!


If you’re looking for a bolster, you know they’re pretty pricey. I received a 50% code off another brand and even with my discount it was still over $80. They’re costly because it’s a pillow with a million uses and they’re huge and beautiful and the one by the Yogi Dogi is just perfect.


Take a break and relax your body a little. Stop working so hard and be happy with right now.  Go check out The Yogi Dogi and grab a bolster, maybe something for your pup as well!

A tie dyed hammock to die for

Etsy is the most amazing place to find things. Not only are the prices usually pretty great, but the products are unique, personalized and customizable.


Definitely can say the same for Yoga Hammocks. I won’t lie to you, I own four. 2 are greens, one is lavender and child size, and the last one is…


This. From Cirque a La Mode on Etsy.

I’m serious, it’s a hand dyed hammock with colors I picked out.


I find it so inspiring to see the beauty of this hammock that it gets me practicing more often. It LOOKS fun. How can someone stay away?

Cirque a La Mode has an unbelievable Instagram filled with all the hand dyed silks of your dreams. She makes hammocks and full silks, and if you have any other circus needs, reach out to her and see what kind of props she makes.


Before you ask, here’s a little info from her store about the safety of her hammocks:

” Custom circus supplies by Erin Jeannier. Based out of Baltimore, MD. Specializing in Hand Dyed Aerial Fabrics, Specialty Props, Magnetic Hoops, and more.


FABRIC BREAK TEST- Tie Dyed Aerial Fabric, 5′ length, 1 leg pulled to damage (w/2:1 system, device reads 1/2 the load). Pulled to 1500+lbs, elongates +3′, Damage/tear starts at the top knot at the Figure 8.

This test was conducted by Fight or Flight Entertainment and the results show that the dye process does not affect the strength of the fabric.”


This hammock is more of a piece of art than any yoga prop I own. And that’s sort of something I hate about yoga props, how I can’t just leave them out as decor and lug that back and forth from storage to use. That’s probably why I don’t use my props enough. But with this hammock I can leave it up, not be concerned with the eye sore or making my home look like a gym.

You’re going to get addicted to aerial yoga, it’s amazing. So if you’re going to get a hammock or silks, go for the pretty ones. Go for hand dyed silks that you can customize with your favorite colors. Don’t be the person who looks at their hammock like it’s an eyesore and then never uses it.


If you want to be inspired daily, go for Cirque a La Mode!

The Small Meditation cushion you’ll bring everywhere

I adore my mediation cushions but have two problems, they’re often not wide enough to be perfectly comfortable and they’re inevitably heavy.


I haven’t even bothered bringing one in the yard to enjoy the nature sounds during a mini meditation. Imagine grabbing my six pound meditation pillow, waters for me and the kids, their snacks, toys they just have to bring out there and the dog on her leash. No thanks.


Then I found something DIFFERENT. It’s unlike anything I have seen. It’s Zafuko and it translates to little meditation cushion. The shape is comfortable, it’s ridiculously lightweight and somehow sturdy enough to hold my body up. The patterns are beautiful and it easily fits in a bag without adding extra weight.


Zafuko is super comfortable, it promotes a neutral spine and the best part is that it’s eco friendly. The filling is Kapok which comes from trees in Thailand! It’s 100% natural and biodegradable and super sturdy.


I used it as a meditation pillow, a bolster and a yoga block. It works amazingly in all aspects!


As you can see, the size is perfect for everything! And my Zafuko is lighter than any pillow I own. You can easily travel with it and use it in a million ways.


You can check it out on their website at http://www.zafuko.com (or click any photo above). It’s probably a great idea for the studio since it’s easy to bring everywhere!

The new Guru Grid mat is taking over!


On my never-ending quest to find a good yoga mat, I’ve stumbled across them all. The chemically processed, the deterioration, the impossible to the clean, the eco-friendly but ridiculously hard.


Well all of them except Guru Grid. I’ve never owned a mat with alignment properties, or that served any fact but lying there on the floor.


Each time I practice on it, my poses feel new. They feel intense in places they were lacking and my focus is so strong with points to pay attention to too.


Of the 10+ mats I’ve owned, I’ll be honest, I use three. They all serve different purposes; I use my Youphoria Yoga mat for comfort since it is so cushy (and for PiYo because it’s easy to clean sweat off). I use my Gurus Cork mat because it is healthy, which relaxes me. Plus the natural cork and rubber make me feel closer to nature.


And I use my Gurus Grid for everyday practice, learning, comfort (it is cushy enough for my achy joints!). I notice I pull out my Guru Grid whenever I need inspiration, or my practice feels dull. If I’m not in the mood to practice I grab my Guru Grid and do a pose I haven’t done in ages, but focus on my alignment and perfecting the posture.


The grip is pretty amazing, I expected to slide but this mat has the best grip of any mat I’ve EVER tried.

The Eco Friendly mats come in three different types, Standard, Delux and Premium.


But why this mat? What makes it so amazing? Straight from their site you can read below:




To CALM the mind and FREE the soul

Do you ever wonder if your hands, feet, knees, and elbows are in the right place while you should be focussing on your alignment? Does it make you feel un-Zen?

The lines, circles, and numbers on a Gurugrid mat are designed to help you find your correct placement during and between poses. The pattern is made so yogis of any age, experience level, and height can get the maximum benefit from yoga.

With the help of your teacher, soon, it will be automatic to quickly and smoothly plant yourself on the mat and immediately focus your energy on your alignment, breathing, and meditation. Now you can calm your mind and free your soul.”


So here’s a breakdown of what I think about Guru Grid:

Pros: Super grippy, easy to clean, rubber bottom, grid perfect for alignment, durable mat, eco-friendly, attractive mat styles


So knowing that, I recommend this mat and consider it safe. I use it daily and it’s my go to mat! I adore the grid that is unlike any mat I have ever used before.