The Euphoria in Youphoria Yoga gear!



Youphoria Yoga is a wonderful brand for yoga mats and towels and other yoga gear.

“The Youphoria Vision

Inspired by the individual and the potential inside each of us, Youphoria™ is committed to building a brand emphasizing excellence in service, quality, and the user experience. Our premium yoga products are made of the highest quality materials on the market for maximum performance for YOU the end user.

Beyond our products, we believe in doing good for others.  We are committed to improving the quality of life for those around us through empowerment and servitude. We are building a brand which will not only improve the quality of the experience of our customers, but we strive to inspire and empower the individual through media, good humor, and a positive outlook on life. Balance is essential.  Excellence is necessary.  People are everything!  YOU matter to us!

Simply put, we believe in people first, and doing what is right for those around us!”


Their mats are luxurious and eco-friendly. They’re  1/4 inch thick of heavenly comfort and come in beautiful colors. The towels are super absorbent,  grippy and soft. The strap is perfect for their mat and comfortable over my shoulder.


I enjoyed every posture on this mat, and sweating wasn’t a big deal, I never lost my grip. Also, I noticed how easy it is to wipe down mat and keep it clean.


Each mat comes with full instructions for care which is great.


Youphoria Yoga’s high density memory foam material is SGS Approved and free from Phthalates. Meaning it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins making it safe for the environment and most importantly, YOU!


This premium yoga and fitness mat offers comfort and stability at a bargain. We have even thrown in a free carry strap for your convenience and comfort! Everyone wants a mat that last! Don’t pay for a name; pay for quality!


You won’t find a better yoga mat for the price. Our yoga mats out perform the competition’s for a fraction of the cost! Contact us for bulk order discounts or studio retail wholesale.”

Go check out why Youphoria Yoga Mats are #1 rated on Amazon!




Youphoria Yoga’s high density memory foam material is SGS Approved and free from Phthalates. Meaning it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins making it safe for the environment and most importantly, YOU!


This premium yoga and fitness mat offers comfort and stability at a bargain. We have even thrown in afree carry strap for your convenience and comfort! Everyone wants a mat that last! Don’t pay for a name; pay forquality!


You won’t find a better yoga mat for the price. Our yoga mats out perform the competition’s for a fraction of the cost! Contact us for bulk order discounts or studio retail wholesale.

Veda Yoga Mat Strap

veda_logo_siteI have an issue. I need to double up my mats to get the true comfort I need. Practicing with one mat almost feels like I’m practicing on a sheet. I have GREAT mats. They’re each 1/4 inch thick and feel like heaven, just not on my bones or joint issues. The only problem with doubling up your mat is it becomes a little difficult to travel and store. Until I found this amazing strap by Veda yoga and it is actually adjustable rather than fixed loops!

Carry Your Yoga Mat in Comfort

If your yoga mat came with one of those thin, string like carrying ropes that cut you like a knife on your way to class then you need a wide, thick cotton strap like the Veda Yoga Mat Carry Strap. The pressure is spread over a wider area, more like a rucksack or shoulder bag, making it much more comfortable and secure to carry.
Soft and Durable Cotton
Veda yoga mat straps are made of premium non-stretch cotton twill which is both durable and soft to skin. This is the only mat strap you will ever need! They can also be used in class as a yoga strap to extend your reach on certain poses.
Adjustable Loops to Fit Most Mats
The adjustable loops on the Veda yoga mat extend to fit almost any mat size. There is enough length (66 inches) to wear off one shoulder or over the head to keep it in place better – ideal if your cycling to class!
Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please return your Veda Yoga Mat Strap within 30 days for a no-questions asked, full refund.” (From Veda).


So I can move the loops to fit whatever mat I need.



What else? You can actually use it as a Yoga Strap too! How great to have a product that carries your mat and helps you stretch. I love it! It’s an awesome little product from a really cool company.

Here’s a little statement from Veda>>

“Just like you, we are a team of enthusiastic yogis of mixed levels and experiences. We came together with the vision to provide high quality yoga products and accessories that are the perfect match for beginners and intermediates, right through to expert level. Having started off the hard way learning from YouTube videos and the like we didn’t have the advice and recommendations we needed when purchasing our equipment. Needless to say, mistakes were made and money was not so well spent. We want you to learn from our mistakes, which is why our equipment is specifically designed with you in mind.

As a small company, the connection with our customer’s is very important to us; be it in customer service or feedback on our products, we will always be happy to hear from you and connect with our customers. Should you have any reason to contact us please do not hesitate to get in touch and reach out to us.



So go check them out here > Veda

*I received this strap in exchange for an honest review.

Tibetan Buddhist Hand Hammered Singing Bowl

Hey Yogis, I don’t know about you but the deeper I get into my practice the deeper I get into meditating and Buddhism.

My birthday passed last month and my brother-in-law and his wife (mostly his wife 😄) got me a singing bowl (throat chakra). It was such a unique beautiful thought and after she gave me a brief demonstration. I quickly became addicted and so did my children!

When Yak Therapy offered me a gift set to review I was ecstatic! I received a sacral chakra bowl with a wooden mallet (a comfortable handle) and a silk pillow as well as a silk traveling bag.

The bowl is absolutely beautiful and it was packaged very carefully to ensure a safe delivery. The sound is gorgeous!


Here are the details straight from Yak Therapy: “Turn Your Home Into A Meditating Resort And Enjoy The Utmost Relaxation You Deserve Anytime! 

What is better after a stressful day than relaxing at the comfort of your home? 

Is your mind and body still troubled though, with the daily affairs and problems? 

Take Care Of Your Body & Spirit With The Authentic Tibetan Meditation “Om Mani Padma Hum” Handmade Singing Bowl Set! 

The pure sonic waves that ring from this Tibetan Singing Bowl will balance your Crown and Sacral Chakras, which are indissolubly connected with mental peace, purposefulness and connectedness. 

Thanks to its excellent quality, this bowl produces long lasting sounds which evoke a deep state of relaxation, the key to entering into mindfulness meditation. 

The secret behind balanced chakras and a stress free life is using this super easy to play singing bowl, which is great for any meditation technique, Vipassana, Sahasrara, Prayer for Peace of Mind and for daily Yoga. 

Trust YAK THERAPY For Your Meditation & Inner Peace Like Dozens Did Before! 

This 4.5 inch high quality Singing Bowl is 100% Hand Hammered and it is of 7 different metals: Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead, Zinc, Silver & Gold using the genuine Tibetan techniques, for a real meditating experience. 

Your singing bowl comes with a real silk cushion, a pure wooden leather mallet and a real silk drawstring protective bag, to keep your supreme meditating tool always at your arm’s reach! 

This value pack comes in a Protective Gift Box of exquisite design made of Nepalese handmade Lokta paper. The highly ornamental value of this set makes it a must for anyone! 

Your Body Is The Temple Where Your Spirit Lives- Treat It With Care. Order Today!”

You can check them out on Amazon, they’re a #1 New Release already and have a sale going on 😊

Tibetan Buddhist Hand Hammered Singing Bowl Set By YAK THERAPY- Chakras Healing & Meditation Yoga Sound Bowl with Mallet, Silk Cushion, & Silk Bag, 4.5″ Tibetan Bell- Made in Nepal includes Gift Ebook

*I received this gift set in exchange for an honest review


A little about Essential Oils

I love to use oils daily but find they are particularly wonderful during an illness. I use them to ease anxiety, help a stomach ache, shorten a cold, lessen flu symptoms and more.

Some of my favorite oils are Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, and Grapefruit.

One of the tricky things about purchasing essential oils are that oils aren’t highly regulated. Anything besides pure 100% oils lack the benefits of the oils. Any brand can write that their oils are Pure or 100% but there aren’t many safe guards to protect consumers from false advertising on oils.

I recognized this between two Peppermint Oils I used while I was sick with the flu. I used one oil nonstop and noticed no results and then switch to Brooklyn Botany and it helped me breathe much easier!

  • Studies have found that aromatherapy is effective in relieving anxiety, pain, and vomiting, as well as improving memory. The aroma of peppermint oil has been shown to improve memory and raise alertness.


Peppermint oil can be used for almost any ailment. The results are easily seen and felt by any user.


The Brooklyn Botany Peppermint oil is large enough to fulfill my needs (while the other brand ran out in 3 days). It’s such a strong beautiful scent so I recommend going easy on it, a drop will go a long way!

For a cough I used New York Biology Tee Tree Oil. It is calming on a sore throat and helps my chest spasms when I get bronchitis.


It’s a large bottle which is definitely a better buy.

Also, Tea tree oil is applied to the skin (used topically) for infections such as acne, fungal infections of the nail (onychomycosis), lice, scabies, athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), and ringworm.

Pretty amazing a little oil can do all that!

What is your favorite essential oil? Let me know in the comments!


*I received these two oils in exchange for an honest review

The best yoga wheels for your $$

So this is the FOURTH time I’m writing this review, for some reason WordPress isn’t saving anything I type and it disappears before I can publish it.

I wanted to write a post on Yoga Wheels. When it comes to props for sports, I feel like yoga is one of the hardest to find products for. There are so many props out there with so many different materials and new props are being created every year! Because of that I wanted to tell you guys what I love about my wheel collection.


First up is Artistic Fitness. Their wheel sizes range in diameter from 9″, 11″ and 13″. They have all different patterns and colors and can even work on a custom order with you. The wheels are sturdy and made from PVC and lined with a yoga mat material. They all come with a great bag for carrying and storing your wheels too! The prices range from $30 for the small to $105 for the set and it’s all free shipping! Plus, they’re offering you a 10% discount by using “saveserenity10” at checkout.


I love these sets because the diameter is a little different from the other brands and I found these really comfortable to use! The diameters are absolutely perfect to use together during your practice. I love these best for using more than one at a time and for massaging aches and pains.


Next up is YogDev. They sell inexpensive wheels in 4 different fun colors. The wheel seems to be made out of some type of plastic and the matting is thick and soft and it’s super grippy! They only sell standard 12″ wheels but they’re under $50 each and YogDev is offering $5 off with “ACYOGAFAN” at check out.


They’re stylish and have a nice smooth finish. My wheel came with a yoga pose guide that I loved showing me how to use their product.

Now we have Limitless Wheel. This one is my favorite for balancing on but to be fair I’ve had this wheel for almost two years! It is a little wider than the other wheels I own at 6.5″ wide (while the others range from 4.5 to 5.5″).



They sell the standard 12″ diameter but have a unique Grip Technology available (shown above) on the Limitless Wheel 2.0. Limitless Wheels come in bright and fun colors and some patterns and are made from a PVC and yoga mat style matting. They also sell XL and XXL sizes that are extra wide. Their wheels range from $59 to $84 and Limitless Wheel is offering 30% off their new Grips Technology wheel by using “Amanda30” at check out.  Also, with every Limitless Wheel 2.0 purchase with your code they get a *FREE* digital download of our proprietary Limitless Wheel Yoga Flows® – BASIC class as well!


Last, but not least, Plexus Yoga Wheel. I love Plexus Yoga Wheels for so so so many reasons! First, they partnered with WaterAid to help get clean water to those suffering without it. They sell four different size wheels: 6″, 10″, 12″, and 15″. I’m really considering the largest wheel because I haven’t seen that size anywhere else and I’d love to see what I could come up with when using it!


All of their wheels sport the cute giraffe and come in 4 different colors. Their price ranges from $39 for the micro wheel and $79.91 for their largest wheel. These wheels are beautiful and strong. They add a little more challenge for me because they aren’t as wide as my Limitless Wheel. The Micro Wheel is the smallest wheel I have found out there and I adore all the possibilities for its uses. Plexus also sends a yoga pose guide to try out their products with.


So what are you waiting for?! GO GRAB YOUR WHEELS! Whether you want the best deal or the best sizes, most sturdy or prettiest to look at.. there is definitely a wheel for you to get your practice to a new level!

Artistic Fitness use SAVESERENITY10 for 10% off

YogDev use ACYOGAFAN for $5 off

Limitless Wheel use AMANDA30 for 30% off their new GRIP TECH wheel

Plexus Yoga Wheel

*I received some of these wheels for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

Ditch your lotions with weird chemicals! Try OILS!

Hey guys! When working on my health slowly but surely I became very concious of not only what I was putting IN my body but always what I’ve been putting ON my body. Anxiety always occurred when using products with ingredients O couldn’t explain, or even had actual names. A little research confirmed my fears with the enormous toxicity of the products (Everyday Brands that we all use). With that over the next month I got rid of any unnatural products for my kids. The next few months I got rid of the toxic products from my life and my home. At first, I was buying these products that had all these fancy labels and names and cost a lot of money to get those labels.

But you live and you learn. I got a book about French Beauty and it proclaimed the natural products and amazing results. Who knew that these toxic chemicals were actually the source of the problem they were being used to fix. I used to have a severely itchy scalp. Nonstop scratching caused dandruff. Well I switched to a natural Gluten Free shampoo and my hair and scalp are the healthiest they have ever been.

So my legs were always itchy too. I tried the natural lotions and I just couldn’t stand the price for such small bottles and the amount I was using.

And then a can of coconut oil came in the mail. Now I am fully stocked on coconut and olive oil always, they are the only two oils I use in my cooking. So it sat there on my dresser. A week later, I got out of the shower and put it on. I have never turned back.

Now I’m finally moving onto the powers of oil blends with essential oils to make my skin look gorgeous.

I praise Rose Hip Oil (get organic) for blemishes, uneven skin spots and sunburn on my face. I don’t know how it works but it fixes everything.

Next I use Phytopia Stretch Mark Eraser for my massive amount of pregnancy stretch marks. It’s mix of organic oils and blends keep my stretch marks from getting irritated or dehydrated, thus lessening their daily appearance.


After that I use NYB Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil. It makes my skin so silky it really keeps my thighs hydrated all day. Though my cellulite severely reduced after 2 months of yoga, I noticed some days I would have cellulite more significantly than others. Using this every other day (though you should use it daily) I hardly see cellulite anymore.

While I know the science behind why these products work, it’s also important to know that a healthy diet, lots of fluids, and some exercise also help manage the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


I received some of the mentioned products in exchange for an unbiased honest review.

An Etsy Shop you should check out: Artistic Fitness


I LOVE yoga props. I have cushions for my head, my knees, yoga straps, yoga bands, foam block, bamboo blocks, yoga paws and of course, yoga WHEELS.

So I have quite a few wheels…

A review comparing all my wheels will be live soon.

I know. That’s a lot of wheels.

I found an Etsy Shop with beautiful wheels and I just had to know, do they compete with the big brands? Before we talk about the wheels, let’s introduce the brand:


Artistic Fitness was founded by Breonna Barker in 2015. The creation of this company came in part from her passion for fitness, and a dream to represent strength with elegant designs. Breonna is a proficient instructor and enthusiast of aerial hammocks, pole fitness, and other forms of active movements. Having devoted years of practice and study as it relates to fitness, Breonna has taken great attention to the durability, functionality, and aesthetics of her products.”

Well I’m here to tell you that Artistic Fitness does compete! They offer different size wheels (I have a set of 3, photo below). You can buy them separately, or save even more and get a set, or order a custom order.

Here’s my beautiful set :

Even better, Artistic Fitness is offering Free Shipping (in the US) so you can get a whole set for cheaper than ONE wheel from the big brands. Want more? You can use SaveSerenity10 for an extra 10% off!


I love my Artistic Fitness Wheels. They’re gorgeous and the minor details are perfected. The seams were perfect and the sides are clean and smooth.

Guess what else.. Artistic Fitness even has yoga hammocks (I need to get my hands on one of these! 😍😍)


My mind is going crazy with the things I could do on this (inversions!). How amazing are these?! But the price is the kicker.. it astounds me how a small business can make such great quality items and beat out any competitor price by a huge chunk of cash.

Check out how I use my wheels 😊

Make sure you check out for tutorials, videos and more! Keep up with Artistic Fitness on instagram for new products and beautiful photos!

Meet the owner:


Breonna Barker


Breonna is accomplished in teaching pole fitness, and aerial hammock classes. She is a licensed massage therapist, as well as currently earning a B.A. in kinesiology.

Breonna is passionate about what she does and you can easily see how much she wants her products to improve the lives of her clients. In a conversation with her, her words jumped out to me and really impressed me as she told me (about her set sizes and widths):

“I find it important for each individual. Different widths are great for different things. Part of why I make mine 5 inches wide is it also works great for self massage under ones own shoulder blade. I am a massage therapist, and this is the only tool I have ever found that allows for one to safely get under ones scapula :)…. the width allows for this nicely. Also I do custom orders whenever possible for sizing, colors, and wholesale orders for retail stores or yoga studios.”

Thank you Breonna for the wonderful opportunity to check out your wheels and your business Artistic Fitness! I’m honored to feature your business in exchange for these amazing wheels! I can’t wait to show the world how they compete against the big brands in a comparison post later this week!


Book Review: Santorini Sunsets by Anita Hughes

Santorini Sunsets by Anita Hughes


From Amazon: “Brigit Palmer is thrilled to be on the Greek Island of Santorini. She’s here for her wedding to Hollywood heart-throb Blake Crawford, one of America’s most eligible bachelors. Brigit’s parents have rented a villa, and soon guests will arrive from all over the world for the intimate ceremony. Brigit is a New York socialite, and she’s just given up her position at a Manhattan law firm to run her father’s philanthropic foundation. Things are finally falling into place. Love, career, family. Everything is going so well…until she steps into the garden and sees her ex-husband Nathaniel hiding in the rose bushes.

Nathaniel, a failed novelist, announces that Blake sold the rights to the wedding to HELLO! Magazine for two million dollars (donated to charity), and he is the reporter assigned to write the story. Everyone expects Brigit to have her happily ever after, her mother who taught her how to lead the perfect lifestyle, her younger sister Daisy who impatiently wishes for her own love story, and of course her fiancée. Things are supposed to work out for them. But when Brigit discovers an unsettling secret about Blake, she questions everything she’s ever believed about love, and wonders if she’s not better off alone.

Told in Anita Hughes’ spectacularly descriptive prose, Santorini Sunsets is a story about family bonds, first loves, and the question of when to let go and when to hang on as tight as you can.”

To the point: A fulfilling emotional journey, loving every second.

Review: Anita Hughes is one of my favorite writers. Every book she writes, her skills get unbelievably better and just when you think she can’t top it, she does. This one is about family love and I love the branch off from romantic love. Santorini Sunsets explores how much families will do to help one another. I loved the characters, the plot, the writing style and in typical Hughes’ fashion, the unique setting. There’s a theme of not taking a person’s life at face value and even stronger, not to judge others.

I think this is the type of book that can reach a large audience of different people. There is love, emotions, family drama, excitement and wonderful positivity.

Get the book here:

Anita Hughes_Credit Sheri Geoffreys (NEW)

About the Author

Anita Hughes is the author of Island in the Sea, Rome in Love, French Coast, Lake Como, Market

Street, and Monarch Beach. She attended UC Berkeley’s Masters in Creative Writing Program.

Hughes lives in Dana Point, California, where she is at work on her next novel. For more

information about Anita and her books, visit



Santorini Sunsets by Anita Hughes. Paperback: 304 pages. Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin (August 2, 2016). Contemporary. I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Featured Product: GaiaGuy Glass Straws!


I’ve been on a mission to make my household healthier and friendlier to my children’s health problems. Considering they both have hormone production issues (thyroid, growth), I decided plastic should really not exist in our lifestyles. I got rid of plastic containers for glass ones, water bottles, opted for stainless steel in all other places where plastic might exist (pots, utensils, cooking and baking tools).

“Provide eco-friendly products that people need. Earth friendly products that are non-toxic, from renewable resources and at fair prices.

Products that partner with natural systems and resources

Pricing that respects and compensates all involved, while offering value

Profits that return to the first two principles above”

There I was, giving my kids a plastic straw everyday with their water cups and smoothies… in their plastic cups. I fixed the guilt with “glass is too dangerous for them” or cringing at the price tag of other options. Then I saw glass straws.. Just do it. JUST TRY THEM. 

I ordered my straws and they came very quickly. They come in a pretty little box that will store them nicely. I made a banana, mango smoothie with almond milk and dates rolled in shredded coconut. I poured the softserve ice cream in the biggest glass I have and I called the kids in. The real test.

“Try this.”

My two-year-old old grabbed for the glass first so I handed it to him. There he goes drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

“Ok, sissy’s turn”

My four-year_old was hesitant to take the glass. I convinced her that she is a big girl and can hold it. They finished the smoothie. I went and refilled and came to the conclusion that these straws aren’t as terrifying as I thought they would be.

Now it’s my turn and here’s what I learned:

The straws are big, thick and less fragile than I expected.

They are perfect for thick drinks!

Even after a couple of hours before I rinsed the smoothie out of it, the straw rinsed easily (better than my glass) and comes with a brush for easy scrubbing.

I will never use a plastic straw again.

I’m going to look into stainless steel cups for my children because they are definitely more fragile than my straws. I advise against this but I actually dropped my straw into the sink when I was washing dishes and it was fine!


It’s really not just about us, plastic straws have been found stuck in marine wildlife and other wildlife. In their nostrils, paws, throats, mouths and gills. It’s frightening and sad. It’s disgusting. We can do better and one of the obligations we have as an intelligent species is the responsibility of taking care of nature, our world, the animals and plants that live here, and each other.

Check out their website: Gaia GuyInstagram, Amazon, and Etsy! *I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, this did not affect my opinion on the product. Glass straws are everything.



Featured Brand: aChameleon

“We create all your needs for unique, comfortable, and stylish eco-friendly clothing.
Be Happy! Love what you wear.”20160723_080921

aChameleon on Etsy based out of Colorado

Use “saveserenity” for 20% off!

I found a really cute strappy bralette that I’ve been addicted to wearing for my yoga practice. It’s super comfortable and nothing falls out while I’m doing inversions 🙃.


But even more adorable than their bralette is all their clothing. They have clothing for women, men and children (which is a rare find for a small business).

Their clothing features tons of cute designs, lotus flowers, buddhas, om symbols and more.


They have 5 stars and the shop owner is amazing with customers.

You can find them on Esty and Instagram and Facebook.


I know I’m showing of their wonderful bralette but their clothes are beautiful. I love the eco friendly, zen feel that comes off in a chic style. I’m definitely thinking I should grab a few shirts for my yoga wardrobe.


Go check them out, give them a follow on Instagram because now is your chance to get all their good stuff! Don’t forget, Use “saveserenity” for 20% off!