Yoga Straps and Bands: How different ones affect your practice

I’ve been lucky enough to experience Mamakuka’s YogaSpheres, The Infinity Strap, and a Gaiam yoga strap with a belt latch. I tried some poses with each product and noticed a lot of differences between them.


While my Gaiam strap was the most difficult to deal with (it felt like a waste of time for me) until I noticed how much it helped me in dancer’s pose. I could “climb” the strap to stretch myself further after getting an overhand reach. It is the only strap that held on to my limb because it was strapped around it. This is a strap I got when I first started yoga, years ago, so there’s that too, it still looks brand new.

The Infinity Strap is all over the market right now. So when it popped up on sale over Independence Day I grabbed a bamboo band and checked my mailbox everyday excited for it to come. The first thing I did was a handstand because unfortunately, it was too uncomfortable with my Gaiam strap. I had to twist it at least 3 times to get it the right length for my shoulders. I conquered a puppy press up on my first try. It is so soft, so comfortable and definitely functional. The fact that it is a figure 8 and stitched tightly in the middle gives a lot of strength and support to the band, which made my arm balances feel effortlessly. The only issue I have is that there is a lot of fraying around the label and even with the braided stitch I can imagine eventually the whole thing will be in shambles. When I contacted the company they assured me that the stitching is extremely strong and that if it does fray more they will replace it.

My Mamakuka set of YogaSpheres.. I have to admit before anything else that when I was researching straps and bands this is what I was really looking for. It is a set of gradual straps, two in each length.


When I reached out to MamaKuka they generously sponsored a set for me to try out (without a requirement of a review) and of course I have to share my experience anyway.


First, I took the largest strap and twisted it A LOT to get it shoulder width and use for a handstand. It was functional but I felt the Infinity Band worked better for handstands. For backbends, reaching over, binding and basically anything else in yoga besides handstands, Mamakuka won hands down.


For binding there are different sizes to challenge and make a bind possible. I felt the most stretch and found a lot of new positions with this set.


It comes in a cute little bag (which throw all my straps in because the others did not come with a bag). I throw it in my purse to bring my set with me everywhere. The best part about the YogaSpheres are that they are loops so you can use it anywhere, in dancer’s pose I wanted to pull up from my thigh rather than my ankle and the loops fit around any limb.


Overall, my Gaiam strap probably will not get much more use. My YogaSpheres are part of my daily practice and help me get to the next level but I’m also glad to have my Infinity Strap for arm balances, if not anything else.

If I had to pick one brand to live with, it would be my YogaSpheres, they are the most diverse and adaptable for any practice and I love them!

Below you can see boat pose with each option. While my Gaiam strap and my YogaSpheres both flipped my grip, the strap actually lessened my pose and focused more on arm strength.

How about you? What are your favorite bands or straps? Let me know in the comments below!

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